Linking up our production system

The attention we devote to our raw materials extends in equal measure to our production systems, which have evolved as our company has grown. And although, over time, our plant has adapted to new technologies, its artisan – or better ‘arti-genial’ – spirit has never wavered. Every system innovation is carefully assessed and is implemented in respect of one basic principle: our machines must be capable of handling the product with all the care dictated by a true ‘arti-san’ culture.

The product is always centre-staged

Both now and then, our focus is placed on a product made with high-quality ingredients. The challenge for our biscuit factory was to do what we do at home, and what small-scale bakers do at their shops, with their hands and a rolling pin, on a much larger, industrial scale and using sophisticated equipment. Still today, as Artebianca’s production continues to expand, we have never lost sight of this one simple rule. For Artebianca, the biscuit was and remains, today more than ever, the true protagonist.

A project inspired by the principles of Feng Shui

All white! 3000 square metres on an octagonal plan, perhaps Italy’s only production plant built with the principles of Feng Shui in mind. Aware that the production process and the environment have the same importance as the raw materials for product success, the company made this important investment. We entrusted design of our new plant (the third in just a few years) to a small bio-architecture company that pays the maximum attention to magnetic orientation, to the positioning of the buildings, to the materials used in construction and to harmonizing the whole with its surrounding context.