As genuine as ever

What is a classic?
Something that transcends fashions and time, something so firmly rooted in people’s habits as to become a mental point of reference. This product line proposes the original recipes typical of our territory alongside new interpretations.

Health & Pleasure…
Pleasure & Health.

This product line is a faithful mirror of the creativity that has set the Artebianca brand apart since it was first founded. The line concentrates on modern health concepts, another of the company’s primary concerns. All without ever renouncing the pleasure of great taste
(or a taste for eating pleasure!)

Gourmet pleasure

A tasty line with only: a careful selection of stone-ground whole wheat flours, ancient Km 0 grains, fine quality Belgian chocolate and 100% Italian eggs from a controlled supply chain. The ancient grain, a little refined cereal, together with the whole wheat flour, rich in fibers and proteins, maintain all the nutritional properties in a single biscuit.